What is all of this?!?

Every few years I reevaluate the big picture. Yes, "what does it all mean?" is in that list but generally this is more of a state of the union style overview. I begin with questions such as "How is my life progressing?", "Do I still believe X or Y in the same way I once did?", and "Why am I doing X?" and somewhere along the way, life changes course a bit to account for the lessons learned or to challenge assumptions made.


So why the blog? Well, simply two reasons: Accountability and Vanity

What's next?

In the time to come, I will be posting about various topic and the steps I'm taking to evaluate and make changes where needed. I won't lie; I will likely post incoherent rants about some pretty mundane things from time to time. It will certainly contain some geeky material and technical how too's. I can only apologize for this once, now, as this is part of it. We'll see how it all goes and I hope that you may find something here of value.