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You people are Crazy!


I went to Walmart yesterday...

I'm not overly concerned that the coronovirus is going to kill me... or my sons. We are in pretty good health and statistically speaking, that puts us in the low risk pool. However, we have no idea how this virus would affect my wife who has various health issues. So, I'm concerned about it - really concerned. However, I hadn't felt the need to stock up on stuff. I had heard that there were empy shelves at some stores and that people were freaking out a bit but I didn't realize how much. Until yesterday...

O! M! G! You people are crazy!

I know that fear can make people do some nutty things but after the shock of seeing the desolation of the toilet paper isle wore off and my annoyance at not being able to get some basics subsided, I had to laugh. Now, I wasn't laughing at the absurdity of the panic shopping but rather what people decided to hoard and NOT to hoard.

First off, if you're planning on being home a LOT and you want to limit your time around other people, stocking up on toilet paper is not a bad idea. I can't fault you there. However, based on what else you all were stock piling it seems like you all were about to embark on an epic road trip - not staying home. There were five sections that were bare - toilet paper, paper towels, bread, water, sandwich meats.

You know what there was plenty of? Pretty much everything else.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables - Check
  • Dried goods, cooking, and baking supplies - Check
  • Egg, Cheeses, and other dairy - Check

Clearly you all aren't going to fill your home time cooking meals.

I hope you all get through this well and I know that everyone is a bit twitchy right now but seriously, now would be a good time to think about eating better. You know since, you got nothing else to do...


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Tuesday, 23 July 2024

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